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Daisy Creeping

CREEPING DAISY 200+ seeds PERENNIAL flower garden rockery white chrysanthemumCREEPING DAISY PERENNIAL flower garden rockery white chrysanthemum


‘Pure White’

This is a lovely daisy producing very small white single flowers. It has a creeping habit and naturalise in an area over time.

25cm tall plant.

Great for cottage gardens


Sow in Spring – Summer

Sow on surface, seedlings emerge 10-14 days –

Recommended germination method –
Surface sow on pre moistened, premium seed raising mix in a seedling tray, cover with cling wrap (with a few holes poked in it) and keep out of direct sunlight but at 22 degrees C. Keep moist at all times with a misting gun and you should see results within 14 days

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