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Daisy Paper

PAPER DAISY 250+ seeds NATIVE Strawflower Everlasting Daisy HELICHRYSUM flowerPAPER DAISY NATIVE Strawflower Everlasting Daisy HELICHRYSUM flower

 Everlasting Daisy / Paper Daisy / Strawflower


This native flower produces attractive paper like flowers that keep their flowers through long hot summers unlike many other flowers. Attracts beneficial insects like butterflies. Excellent for use in flower arranging and drying for crafts. This mix contains a range of colours from red, gold, pink, yellow, purple, salmon, copper and white.

Annual growing to 100cm

Full sun

Sow on the surface, press down on pre-moistened potting mix or soil. Germinates 14-21 days.

Seeds germinate best at 22-25 degrees C soil temperature, in pots for best results or directly in the garden.

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