Daily Jobs
Feed dogs 2 cups for Chippy and 2.5 cups for Sammi
Ensure dogs have fresh water
Take dogs for a walk but try keep them out of dam and rain
Throw ball to dogs but not rocks/sticks
Chickens – check food + water, give scraps and collect eggs
Keep kitchen clean and spray ants as needed

Tasks to do
Clean up downstairs, organise tools, sweep floor, remove rubbish
Empty bin and bottles into trailer
Honey tank – clean and prepare tank for use, put tank on trolley
Bee Hives – check each hive and collect frames for
Decap frames – keep decapping station clean after each use
Extract frames – keep extractor clean after each use
Replace frames into the same hive they came from
Strain from extractor into clean container, keep wax for later use
Put strained honey into honey tank
Note: gate on honey tank sometimes O-ring comes out so be careful not open honey gate too big or it will leak
Do a test run of putting honey from tank into jars (optional as you might need a helping hand to do this messy job)
Run bore pump but only during day and turn off at night
Put fuel into generator, leave fuel available for canam
Give dpgs a treat (pigs ears in cupboard) and a bone (1 only when I am away)
Pick up finished dog bones and put in bin
Help Trin but he might not come up due to rain

Put tarp over motor/pump at dam (protect from rain)
If heavy rain prepare to put pot/container under leak next to pot belly (possible leaking roof)