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Current owner Mr Shaun Scott is the Chief Technology Officer for both the NSW Aquaculture Association and Aquaculture Association Incorporated (www.nswaqua.com.au, www.aqua.asn.au ) and has co-designed the farm setup with Mr Robert McCormack (President/Secretary of the Aqua Association www.nswaqua.com.au, www.aqua.asn.au, www.aabio.com.au, www.rbmaqua.com.au, www.austcray.com, www.austsilvers.com).

The farm has been professionally designed to be a sustainable solution with aquaculture, greenhouse, chickens, bees and orchard being compatible with each other.

The fish waste is used as a nutrient to grow plants in the greenhouse and in the soil. Some plants can be fed to the fish in tanks and ponds.

Any waste plant materials can be fed to chickens and composting worm farm. The Yabbies will thrive on most waste meat from fish and household fruit/vegetable waste.

The honey bees pollinate flowering plants and help productivity in the greenhouse and soil based plants.

The farm land and surrounding Yengo National Park provides a pristine environment. 100 year old hand made cattle yards and historical peach trees are part of the heritage of Hidden Valley Farm.

Infrastructure & Equipment List

Main House/Shed 3brm, kitchen, bathroom, workshop
– Consists a 2 story steel structure 12m x 12m = 144m2
– Lower level solar room (air conditioning), 1 bedroom, batchroom, workshop, honey extraction equipment, shelving, benches
– Mezzanine Level has 2 bedrooms, kitchen, wood fired heater, satellite TV, satellite Internet, telephone, air conditioning in main room and both bedrooms, external balcony overlooking chicken/garden front paddock
– Fully plumbed cold/hot water pump. 300l heat pump, 22.500l rain water tank
– Premium Selectronic charger/invertor, 12kw solar panels and 2400ah battery storage , 8kw backup generator
– 3yr old new kitchen, new electric oven/stove top and rangehood, pantry, plenty of cupboards and drawers, ceaserstone benchtop, twin sink, under sink reverse osmosis water filter with separate tap ware
– 4 camera security surveillance system with HD recording and cloud upload capability. Cameras located on all 4 sides of the building.
– Fully carpeted upstairs and partially carpeted downstairs
– Council approved composting septic system

Aquaculture Shed
РConsists 8m x 8m steel shed. 2 separate aquaculture systems. Can be used for seafood grow/breed/purge  for crustaceans or finfish.
– Custom made shelving system with waterproof coating
– 45 x 600l aquaculture trays. Each tray is plumbed with individual air/water taps and central auto siphon drains.
– 3 x 2500l aquaculture tanks
– 2 x air blowers and attached air stones for all trays/tanks
– 2 x water circulation pumps
– 1 x UV steralizer (for the 3 2500l tanks)
– 1 x water heater for Yabby system (keep water warm so they can keep metabolizing / grow / breed during cold months)
– Sump collects fish waste that can be used as nutrient in the greenhouse. Setup is designed as a de-coupled Aquaponics system.
– system designed for both Yabbies and finfish (Silver Perch, Murray Cod, Baramundi, Trout etc)

Each tray can be used to put in a female with eggs. Once they hatch then remove the female and put back into ponds. Each female can produce eggs and for example 45 trays x 1,000 fingerlings @ $2/each = $90,000. This can be done all year round with the water heating system.
Alternatively fingerlings can be raised to 250g size over 9months and sold for consumption at market prices being $30 per kg or $50 per kg for export markets.

Commercial Greenhouse
– Greenhouse supplied and installed by David Gill Greenhouses and uses high quality equipment sourced from the Netherlands.
– Consists a 12m x 10m steel and plastic twin skin structure. The plastic skin is commercial grade and has a built in inflation air blower.
– Omnigrow greenhouse automation computer (temp, humidity, wind speed/direction, rain detector)
– 2 x roof vents with 2 x Ridder motors
– 2 x side screens with Ridder motor
– 2 x deep water culture ponds
– Polystyrene rafts to suit DWC with precut 50mm holes to suit 50mm pots (1000 pots)
– Air blower and air hose system (not yet installed)
– Commercial greenhouse circulation fan
– Commercial greenhouse gas heater/fan
– Stainless steel work table

Honeybee Apiary
– 16 x full depth langstroth hives (includes brood box and two supers)
– 12 frame electric honey extractor
– Frame de-capping station
– 200kg honey tank, frame cleaning tools
– 3 bee suits, smoker, hive tools
– 200+ new honey jars and lids
– Printed labels to suit 500g and 1kg jars
– ‘Hidden Farm Honey’ trademark on labels
– Wax double boiler, candle making supplies

Other Infrastructure
– Fenced with post and rail into separate house and front paddock areas, solar powered electric fence around perimeter to repel crawling and burrowing animals
– 4 bay carport (posts sourced from property)
– Chicken shed and fenced chicken run (for 15+ chickens), 3 nests, chicken bulk feeding bin, chicken water container, 1000+ new egg cartons
– Animal manger/shelter in front paddock (suit sheep etc)
– 2 x 5000l rain water tanks (1 plumbed to carport roof), 1 x 3500l rain water tank, 1 x spare 2500l fish tank, 1 x spare UV steriliser
– Main dam. overflow dam
– 3 x aquaculture ponds 30m x 6m fenced and irrigation pump (designed for Yabbies)
– Dams and ponds are currently stocked with Yabbies (Cherax Destructor & Cherax Albidus) and Freshwater Mussels
– Fire fighting pump, fire hose and reel mounted on main house fence
– Bore water setup, bore pump, 22,500l poly tank to store bore water, aquifer approximately 30m deep, water sample test done
– 2 x 20ft shipping containers

Commercial Orchard
– 100 x Eureka lemon trees planted 2017 (some remaining)
– Commercial weed matting in place for 100 trees
– Irrigation pipes (some burnt in 2019 bushfire)
– Irrigation pump (electric)
– Old Agrison tractor (damaged), Yoyota Hiace campervan, Bedford motorhome

Other Equipment and Items (not part of sale price but can be negotiated)
– www.wollombigardenseafood.com website and email service
– ‘Hidden Farm Honey’ trademark
– 2020 John Deere Family 2 tractor (4WD. diff lock, 4in1 bucket, backhoe, slasher) hardly used as new.
– 8×5 box trailer with insulation paneling (2016)
– 6×4 farm trailer (2017)
– Tow behind slasher
– Air compressor, air tools
– AEG power tools
– Misc tools

– fridge/freezer
– shelving
– honey proessing equipment
– wax processing equipment
– 2 x 20ft shipping containers
– satellite telephon equipment
– satellite internet equipment
– satellite TV equipment
– Uninterruptable Power Supply (APC UPS)
– greenhouse computer
– greenhouse floating raft system
– aquaculture equipment (including UV sterlisaer, spare water tanks, pumps, filters, plumbing supplies)
– remaining household furnishings
– farm related chemicals (weed/pest control)

Reason for Selling
Selling due to failing eyesight.