Wollombi Seafood

Wollombi Seafood, is the Aquaculture arm of Hidden Valley Farm. We commercially grow the Australian Yabby in ponds and finishing tanks.

We can supply the following depending on the season and available stock:

  1. Yabby juvenile as mating pairs (approx (3>5gm)
  2. Yabby adult males (50>100gm)
  3. Yabby adult females without eggs (50>100gm)

Aquaculture Permit: AP5847

Mr Shaun Scott: Representing the Aquaculture industry in Australia since 2015 as Chief Technology Officer for the NSW Aquaculture Association Inc.

NSWAqua plays key role in ongoing success of the Australian Aquaculture community.

Read more about committee membership role for the NSW Aquaculture Association.




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